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Meditation Classes
Yoga Balance offers a weekly Meditation Class. 
These classes are designed for students who are familiar with any form of meditation practice, as well as those with no prior meditation knowledge or experience.  They provide the ideal opportunity to learn the art of meditation and develop your practice within a comfortable and relaxed setting. 
Students are always encouraged to explore meditation at their
own pace, and enjoy the rewards it can bring them
on so many different levels. 
Our holistic teaching approach allows students to discover the therapeutic benefits that meditation can bring to both body and mind.  Meditation is a great way of creating balance within all aspects of your life, whilst promoting a positive feeling of calmness, inner peace and well-being. 

One of the wonderful aspects of meditation is that it is suitable
for everybody... regardless of your age, ability, experience,
fitness level or physical limitations. 
Meditation can improve your memory, concentration
and awareness, as well as reducing stress, anxiety
and poor sleep patterns. 
Studies have shown that meditation can also slow the
ageing process and lower blood pressure, as well as
the risk of heart disease, breast cancer and osteoporosis.
The most important factor is that you find meditation
to be a relaxing, enjoyable and rewarding experience.
Class duration is approximately 1 hour, which includes breath awareness, gentle warmups, pranayama, seated meditation, guided meditation, followed by relaxation.

To ensure you received the best possible attention, 
all classes
are limited to a maximum of 9 students. 
Prior booking is essential, as places are limited.  

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